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Shipping Terms and Conditions

The term "SHIPPING" is not just the transport fee. It includes transport fee, signature charges, insurance, and handling and packaging charges.

All packages shipped to customers, who are marked “eligible” or “partially eligible” for PAYPAL’s Seller and Customer Protection Plan, will NOT have a signature required until the total cost including shipping, reaches or exceeds $750.00. Delivery must be tracked in the class of shipment. Insurance is included whenever possible, and is part of the shipping cost shown in the check-out page. Insurance cost is not printed on the shipping label.

Non-eligible (PayPaL determined) customers will have a signature required in most cases.

PayPal requires insurance as their so called free buyers protection insurance is simply a reference to the seller shipping insurance or becomes a chargeback (in total) to the sellers account if shipping insurance is not provided. RDS uses Insurance provided by for all purchases when possible no matter how payment is provided. It is simply good business.

Be aware that the insurance covers loss and damages only while in shipment. It does not cover lost or stolen shipments after delivery. All orders are considered and marked complete by RDS at initial point of shipment. Ownership transfers to buyer at the initial shipping point. FOB sellers post office or shipping point.

All handling and insurance is estimated by store software and averaged with USPS shipping weight calculations, so package shipping cost shown on the USPS label seldom if ever match invoice pricing. The price printed on the label is only the delivery and signature fee. Insurance and handling cost is not shown on the shipping label. No adjustments or refunds for differences. The total shipping cost shown on the invoice is final. Clicking "Submit Order" indicates you read and agree with the cost, terms and conditions presented there.

RDS does keep Shipping Cost calculations as close as reasonably possible. That means we never request additional shipping or lower the customer selected class of shipping to compensate when the software underestimates. The software does this occasionally.

Small or light weight orders incur the same basic flat handling and transaction charges as heaver items. These incurred costs do not scale down with small orders. Therefore, shipping small items cost much more overall to ship than the USPS weigh only based rate calculation would indicate. If you don't agree with the total price of an order because of handling and transaction costs, please don't place order. As said above, clicking "Submit Order" indicates you have read and understand this page. No one is being cheated. The alternative is to increase your order amount (add items or increase quantity) or for RDS to establish a minimum order amount (like $25.00).

Some products are listed in the store as including or FREE insurance and shipping. In that case there is no selection by the customer on method or class of shipment. No options to add additional items to that single order will be available at time of checkout.

Some items require signature for delivery, this will require someone available to receive the delivery. If the package cannot be received, the package may be held at the shipper’s location for a period of time for customer pickup. Most packages will then be returned to RDS by the shipper if undeliverable.

The customer is responsible for accurate and complete shipping addressing.

The customer is responsible for all shipping costs that are not errors created by RDS. The cost of shipping BOTH ways will not be refunded if shipment is refused, unclaimed or undeliverable. Contact RDS for possible partial refund of product cost. Note some return shipping may exceed the cost of the item. In this case no refund will be available.


See page on Conditions for return policy.

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