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Order Tracking

RDS makes almost all shipments from our inventory using the USPS (US Postal Service) Using as our addressing system. Tracking is automatically sent to the customer via the generated EMAIL. RDS will also send another copy of the tracking email through the RDS Internet Store order system.

All major equipment (machine) orders are drop-shipped from the Taig Tool factory location in Chandler, Arizona. RDS has almost no control of drop shipments. We can request special handling, etc .All shipments are made via UPS (United Parcel Service) as the preferred method of Taig Tools.

But proactive forwarding of tracking is not a part of the Taig shipping process. RDS is never copied or notified.

Taig assembles equipment in a process of JIT (just in time) processing. This assembly can take, as we have stated elsewhere, 7 to 10 days from order entry. Sometimes much faster. But then there is the travel time (normally ground) from Chandler, Arizona to the buyer's location.

Tracking is always created with the order at shipping time. I look for the billing to hit my account as that never happens until after shipping, but sometimes a few days AFTER shipping. RDS or the customer (you) can then REQUEST the tracking by direct calling Taig Tool. (480) 895-6978   Not always a reliable process.

The Solution - UPS My Choice

UPS provides a FREE Proactive customer service called UPS My Choice.:

There are some special UPS features for changing en-route deliveries for an added fee. Well explained in the website for anyone desiring them. RDS has never needed or used those features.

Once registered with this UPS Provided notification service, active tracking reports for any and every UPS shipment will be made to your address. Not just one vendor such as Taig Tools. Notifications are by emails as well as text messaging if you desire. You will know exactly what is happening to you delivery in a very timely and proactive FREE service.

Highly recomended by RDS, for use with any UPS package. You will be glad you made this UPS My Choice!

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