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I have listed most of the common requested equipment packages and components produced by Taig Tools on the RDS website. This permits a customer to order directly from the RDS website with little delay. I stock the faster moving (selling) accessories here in Texas and can ship the same or next day. I do not stock complete machine packages. These major items are shipped factory fresh directly from Taig Tools.

Taig produces a large variety of machines and accessories. They also offer a long list of repair and replacement parts. Far too many for stocking at RDS

If you are serious about a purchase and interested in a special combination of parts and components not listed on the site (but are listed at the Taig Tool website), you can use the email link to send RDS your list (by specific part number) and request a quote. This will require a little time to prepare. Perhaps 24 to 48 hours depending on when I receive the email and where I may be located at the time. (away from my office)

Please don’t Request a Quote for totals that may be under $50 (order direct from Taig) or for items listed on the RDS website. A quote will NOT be less than the published price on RDS.

A small low-cost order requires as much processing and transaction record keeping (handling) as a higher dollar transaction. That’s why a non-RDS-stocked low cost special order will not receive a standard discount. A direct order to Taig may be faster customer service.

The complete CNC packages for micro mills and the TAIGTurn lathes are produced by MicroProto Systems (the CNC division of Taig Tools). Dealer (RDS) discount is less on these systems and therefore cannot be discounted the same as the manual Taig Tool machines and components.

Your quote request must containg a complete Ship To address as well as a Billing Address. If they are the same, just indicate ship to same address.

RDS uses both PayPal and Square (credit card service) for quotes. Let me know if you have a preference. A quote is the same as an invoice. When payment is made it becomes the order. If not paid it will expire on the date specified. You can always request a new quote at any time.

Please let me know if there are small items (accessories) you think I should stock. RDS inventory is based on demand and things that sell at least several time per year. I will consider all suggestions and may include it on my next standard re-stock order to see if a purchase trend develops.

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