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Ramblin' Dan's Store (RDS), formally The Hobbyist Machine Store, located in Frisco, Texas USA, was established in 2006 to supply the needs of any hobbyist or crafts-person needing small high quality machine tools to fulfill their skills and ambitions. Our emphasis is on small, as in model building and craft hobbies which are located in the typical home environment or home workshop.

Taig Tools Micro-Lathe, Micro-Mill and CNC Mill are very accurate and reliable for making the small precision parts a professional micro machinist or serious hobbyist requires. I provide any Taig machine or tool as customers requests require. The Taig items I show are usually in stock and the selection is based on my own hands-on experience. But I can supply anything in the Taig product line.

Taig Tools now provides a power feed option for their micro lathe. It s not intended for threading but is a step above hand feeding. So Taig continues providing improvements to their well established product line.

In 2014, RDS started promoting the T2019CR-ER CNC ready version of the Taig Micro Mill in our offerings. We have many years (12+) of experience in using our own Taig mill in CNC operation, completing hundreds of projects and have received many inquires about my CNC work. I know what can and cannot be done with a machine of this size.

Micro CNC products will be the major focus for RDS in the years ahead. I have selected a controller option and stepper motors to offer a complete hardware system. There is a recommendation on the CNC mill page. I have decided at this time not to sell the CNC controls through RDS as I am not capable of providing training and support on CNC operations. The controllers also change and evolve much faster than the machine hardware.

KautzCraft product line available. RDS is now offering products and accessories produced in the shops of Ramblin' Dan. These are useful items I made for myself and want to share with others. 

RDS has sold mini lathe/mill gears since 2006 when we were named THMS and are the original source for steel replacement (for the plastic) gears in these popular machine tools. My importer has informed me because of changes in business relations he is not likely to import more gears, so certain gears will no longer be available to RDS. We are nearing the end of our resources and offer some of the remaining gears.

While you are here, also read the "About Us" in the main menu (above) for more information about RDS.

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