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Howdy! I am “Ramblin’” Dan Kautz. Proprietor of Ramblin Dan’s Store. We are located in Frisco, Texas located just north of Dallas, Texas. It was just reported Frisco is the fastest growing city in the entire USA!

Operating ecommerce only, we are also known as The Hobbyist Machine Store (THMS), which was formally established in 2007. We use both names, adding “Ramblin’ Dan’s Store(RDS) to help indicate we serve more than the hobbyist market with our primary line of Taig Tools. Some of our invoices indicate the THMS identification.

I am a hands on owner, owning and using all the tools we offer in my own workshop and studio. Follow all the Companion Links and menu tab selections from Ramblin’ Dan’s Workshop to understand the real Ramblin’ Dan.

The products displayed here are far more than hobbyist toys. They are industrial quality working machine tools capable of long term, accurate machine work at a very professional standard. They are micro tools for sure, and must be used within their capability. Here in the RDS we have two Taig CNC micro mills and a Taig Micro lathe in operation. Many larger machine tools also. We use the correct machine for the job.

The Taig CNC micro mills are outstanding for micro 3D wax carving for making lost wax casting masters for my silver jewelry business. Run times can be as long as four to six hours using milling bits as small as 0.003 tip diameter. Outstanding accuracy and repeatability. My first machine has been in operation for 10 years and maintains the same quality as my newer mill.

Great products sold by a real user. “Ask the man who own’s one…”

Thank you for visiting RDS!
“Ramblin’” Dan Kautz

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